Friday, October 30, 2015

Note to Self: Learn Get-View

Queue Deflation

I’m rather red-faced right now.  I chimed in with a reply in the VMTN VMware vSphere PowerCLI forum and promptly got schooled.

Which is great; these things should happen.

Where’s the Template?

In this thread, VMTN Communities member denjoh44 asked how one would obtain a list of templates along with the name of the vSphere hosts on which they reside.

I haven’t had the need to do this myself, but I wanted to give it a shot. I fired up PowerShell ISE and plugged away:

And it works, which is nice.

I See Your 12 Lines and…

It wasn’t long after that I revisited the thread only to find a much more elegant solution posted by Christophe Calvet:

My personality dictates that I should feel silly about my reply.  Christophe nailed it with a one-liner.  Instead, I’m going to focus on my inexperience with Get-View and do some reading.  I'll endeavor to always keep calculated expressions in mind as well.

Time to Learn

Brian Graf has a 3-part blog series on Get-View which I’ve seen before and marked for reading in more detail “later.”  If you are interested in learning more about Get-View, start here:
While you are at it, Christophe has a blog worth checking out at

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Brian said...

It's great to see you getting interested in Get-View. While it may seem a little overwhelming for most people at first, taking a little time to learn it is definitely super helpful and beneficial to you going forward. I look forward to hearing more about your Get-View experiences!

All the best

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