Thursday, September 17, 2015

Musings of an Infrequent Blogger

Writing is hard.
That's not the case for everyone, of course, but it holds true for me.  If you know me on a personal or professional level you've heard me say this before.  The odd thing is, I enjoy writing.  And because of that I tend to focus on this topic.

I have reasons not to write.

It's a silly idea/topic/thought

This is a powerful one for me and stops me the most often. It's also the quickest way out.  I question myself by nature, so there's no surprise here.  I'm still not certain that I'll hit publish on this post!

Suck it up and write anyway.

It's never quite right

One of the things that I enjoy most in the writings of others is the multitude of ways to say the same thing. The simplicity of some, the eloquence of others.  Let's not even talk about grammar, misspellings, etc.  Whether I'm writing here or within the corporate walls, I can tell you that I've reworked virtually every paragraph multiple times.

Practice makes perfect?  No, but it certainly improves.

Others have already written about this

Why bother covering a topic that so many others already have?  Fear of getting lost among similar technical articles and not managing to stand out.

Not to be glib, but meh--one more can't hurt.


How do others find the time?  I'm up early and put in long days. There is often weekend work. Around it all I must find time for family. There needs to be wind-down time and sleep in there somewhere.

Others do it. There are ways.  Give up a little time that's normally spent by myself anyway.

Why have I shared this?  Certainly it is therapeutic to a degree and I can refer to it in the future to push me forward.
But that's not my hope.

I want to reach someone else and push them forward. I'm an avid reader of blogs, sometimes churning through dozens a day. I make it part of my daily routine. I thoroughly enjoy reading what others have to say.

If you are like me, I'd like you to write--or write more.  

Because I'd like to read what you have to say.


3timesghost said...

Keep doing it!

Unknown said...

You know, it's a relatively short post, but it is dead on. All of those issues have passed through my head as well, and as you point out, they all have very simple fixes. It's just a matter of actually using those fixes.

The one that really hits close for me is that others have likely already written about some of the topics I am thinking about. Good point though - one more can't hurt.

Thanks for the inspiration.

andy nash said...

How true I've just started to try and blog and boy does it suck up the time, I feel your pain!

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