Friday, June 10, 2011

Tech Field Day 6, Day 1 - Outsider In

Technically it is now day 2 of Gestalt IT’s fantastic Tech Field Day—but let’s not split hairs, shall we?

If you are unfamiliar with Tech Field Day, please follow the links and learn. If you want the short summary:  a small group of independent peers afforded the opportunity to talk to vendors in their space while being exposed to internal details and future direction of the their products.

Conceived and orchestrated by The Man Who Does Not Sleep, Stephen Foskett and the Uber1-Fantastic Claire Chaplais, delegates are elected by their peers.  It is an honor to be selected and TFD6 has been my honor.

Today brought us VKernel and their vOperations Suite, VMware with Mobile Virtualization Platform, Site Recovery Manager and Student Cloud, and SolarWinds hot off their acquisition of Hyper9. We closed out the day with many of our virtualization peers at Beantown Party as a Service (BPaaS) held at the EMC Club in Fenway Park.  What a ride!

I’m the verbally quiet camera-shy guy that tries to tweet a lot while consuming all that he can.  Please follow along with all of the delegates--there’s plenty more to come on day 2.

1 “Uber” attribution copyright @lynxbat

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