Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Great Enabler - Intro

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." –Confucious

I am fortunate in my career.  I work within a field that started and continued as a hobby—something that I love to do.  Driven by an interest and a knack, skill gets to follow along for the ride.  I believe that what makes me most fortunate, however, is the continual opportunity to make an impact.  To be rewarded with the ability to see thoughts and ideas materialize and change the tools, capabilities, or even manner at which we do business.

My fondest example is virtualization.  I’ve had the fortune to see my interest in articles read in 2007 flow from a casual conversation with my manager to relocation of our headquarters and main datacenter.  The road was paved with VMworld 2007 through 2010, virtual IT labs, developers’ stations, virtualized tier 3 workloads that soon became tier 1 workloads, first exposure to SANs, and a whole lot of peers, friends, and fun.

We’ve moved from 0% to 98% virtualized.  99% is around the corner with Private Cloud (there, I said it) in sight. 

We’re small.  Resources are tight.  Time has always been tighter.  We learned, we stumbled, we learned again.  I wanted to capture much of the most recent leg of the journey, so here we are.

I hope that you may find some of this interesting.  There’s more to come.

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Seth Miller said...

I relate very well to this post. I have the sme feelings about my career. While I love virtualization, my niche is Oracle database and it has been my core skill through the last five years of my career. But the lines between technologies and softwares are becoming blurry and the IT Generalist will soon rule the datacenter and the industry. Keep up the blogging.

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